Hill Seeking

I love hill repeats.  Insane I know.  Actually it’s more of a love hate relationship. I don’t exactly love it when I am doing it but I get through the uphill grinds, ticking them off mentally as I go and when I am pushing out that last one I am in my element.

How could anyone love hill repeats.  I love it because I know I will get significant fitness gains far greater than any easy run on the flat.

Sometimes my workouts are on the road and shorter it depends on the event I am training for.  At the moment my upcoming event is on trails and very hilly so I am running up and doIt's a hillwn a trail with uneven steps, a turn or two, exposed tree roots and rocks.  Hill repeats are my strength training and I would much rather be out on the trail or even the road doing hill repeats than cooped up in a gym lifting weights.

But each to their own.  I prefer nature.  It’s a hill, get over it.


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