On the weekend I ran a marathon, the Gold Coast Airport Marathon to be precise. I also had the honour of representing my current State of residence Queensland. This meant I had the privilege of using the ‘elite’ facilities, I got to warm up on the road and was slotted in at the front of the field. I also had the privilege of hanging out for a short time while I waited for presentations with the Australian Marathon Great Steve Moneghetti. My friend Rose joked earlier that morning that I would be hanging out with ‘Mona’. When I sat down and looked across at the person nearest me I was quite surprised and had a brief chat (as you do) and got him to sign my race bib. I certainly didn’t anticipate I would be in his company for real.

Then I turned my back on him! I know OMG. This was because I had spotted someone else who in my eyes had accomplished something greater. There was Jane Trumper, who had just completed her 11th Gold Coast Marathon with her husband Pete who had just completed his 10th. Jane was there with Pete who collected his special t-shirt recognising him as a member of the 10 Gold Coast Marathons club.

I called out ‘On my goodness Jane’ or something to that affect and she came over to chat to me. I was admittedly quite star struck and as such didn’t ask her a lot of the questions I would have liked to and her husband did also get a photo with Mona but apparently it wouldn’t be as good as Jane’s from the previous year when she got a photo with both Deeks and Mona (yay girls). Who is Jane Trumper? She is an Australian who has recently run a 2200km pilgrim route across Europe unassisted. I know amazing. You can read more about her adventure here and hopefully forgive me for turning my back to Mona.


Despite being in the company of some great athletes, getting to meet some Australian living legends, and collecting a team silver medal for Queensland in the Australian Marathon Championships the thing I liked most about participating in this event is seeing so many other people out there having fun running.  It was a buzz to see many familiar faces in the sea of runners on the day. I loved it when people shouted out ‘Jodie’ when they spotted me.  Many of these people I have only got to know in the last 12 months. I called out to or responded to everyone if I could. Through my running I have met so many great people over the years  and I looked forward to spotting many of them running the course or spectating.  I absolutely loved seeing those faces just as much as the finish line.

Australian Marathon Championships – Women’s Teams 1st, New South Wales, 2nd Queensland, 3rd, South Australia.

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