I’ve now been 44 for a few days and I quite like it. For most a birthday is a reminder that we are aging and that you can’t turn back time, we often look back on our former years and think about what we might have done. Last year I was quite uncomfortable about turning 43. I liked 42 it’s an even number and still quite close to 40 while 43 is closer to 45, which is halfway to 50. I complained at the time to my coach Andy DuBois, (Mile 27) to which he responded it’s not so bad. I discovered he was 44 soon to turn 45 at the time so I soon ate my words.

Now that my 43rd year on this earth has passed and I have spent some time reflecting on the past years experiences I note that it it has been pretty awesome. My biggest achievement was in the last month of my 43rd year.  That was the 24 Hour World Championships where I finished with 230.244km and wait for it, 43rd overall.


I love data and numbers in general and 43 is a prime number. And it’s fairly safe to say I’m in the prime of my life especially in regards to ultra running.  While I have set myself the task of achieving some lofty goals I must note that there are many Australian women who have achieved some outstanding results aged in their 40’s. Many of the current Australian ultra running records were achieved by women who were in their 40’s at the time.

The North Face 100 2014

Aside from the numbers I have been very fortunate to travel widely and have experienced the rugged beauty of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, run along the Surf Coast in Victoria including Bells Beach and crawled under the Great Ocean Road, along the iconic Surfers Paradise in Queensland, through the National Parks and along the rivers of North Sydney. I also ran over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, represented my country running 100km in the Middle East on the Gulf Coast, past the Blue Lake, Green Lake, Lake Tarawera and the Redwood Forest in New Zealand and finally around and around and around a park in Turin, Italy.


I am now honoured to also be an ambassador for Running Mum’s Australia. I am proud to be an inspiration to not only my children (now 16 & 13) but also other Mum’s too.  It’s been an amazing year and here is just some of what I achieved in just 12 months. If you have just discovered ultra running and are yet to turn 40 you have the time if you have the determination to show the boys just what grown up girls can do.



The Northface 100, 12 hours 49 minutes and 10th female in a competitive field just 6 weeks after finishing my 1st 24 hour event.


Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane. I teamed up with El Capitano, Scot Nav and recruited local mate Schoddy and took line honours while I smashed the female course record.


Gold Coast Airport Marathon, I represented Queensland for the 1st time and as a team we took out team Silver.


Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney as part of an all girls team we survived the wet and rough terrain of the trail and were the 1st all female team and 10th team overall across the line in Mossman.


Surf Coast Century 3rd overall

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival – I represented Queensland again where with team mates Mel Panayiotou and Clare Geraghty we secured team Gold.


Washpool World Heritage Trails 1st, 5th overall and a course record.


100k World Championships, Doha, Qatar


Tarawera Ultramarathon, Rotorua, New Zealand, 12th female


Convicts and Wenches 50km a trail race along the north coast of Tasmania. 2nd female.


24 Hour World Championships in Turin, Italy. I ran a total of 230.244km the best ever performance by a Australian female at a World Championships and finished in 6th place, 43rd place overall.


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